5 eCommerce Stores To Model For Success

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Anton shares 5 eCommerce stores to model for success in your own business.

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5 Stores:
– Wayfair.com
– bhphotovideo.com
– Amazon.com
– fashionnova.com
– bombas.com

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Anton Kraly is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building online businesses, including Drop Ship Lifestyle, the β€œBest eCommerce Course” as voted by Shopify. He’s helped over 10,000 students find freedom through entrepreneurship.

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What Are Some of the Most Known Online Payment Methods?

eCommerce and online merchants now have a way to simplify the way customers buy their products. While accepting only one form of payment can bring in a totally new customer base, it also works the other way round. Refusing only one type of payment can result to a considerable plunge in the customer base of your business.

Give Customization Benefits To Buyers And Make Your Online Store Popular

It’s extremely important in today’s time to take the business online. Without doing this, no business would be able to get a bigger and wider marketplace to cater. After all, operating in the physical world has its own share of limitations while the online world gives a great deal of freedom. Any business can set an online store and catch the attention of buyers from all parts of the globe. Such a store can operate on a 24 x 7 basis and even without facing any barrier on the front of distance or geography.

Online Payments – More Sales for Your Business

People who buy items on the Internet like instant results and are used to immediately paying for what they buy, but in reality, most businesses do not process payments online. On the other hand, businesses that process online payments can boost their income even more since online consumers tend to buy more products/services because of the ease, convenience and protection offered by secure online payment gateway. How Secure Online Payments Work The customer keys in his/her payment information into the payment gateway.

Advantages of Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

In the past, the payment options were limited, so it was not quite possible for retailers to accept credit card payments. However, times have changed, and it is difficult for businesses to function without such facility. Businesses that stick to cash payments alone, especially those online, will be left behind and could lose possible sales to competition that accepts credit card payments online.

Why It Is Important To Switch Your E-Commerce Website To Magento

Having an e-commerce website can either be a lot of work or no work at all. It all depends on the platform you pick for your business. We surely know people who are working with Magento and speaking in a straightforward way, they are more than happy.

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