Dropshipping App Oberlo Is Shutting Down (Use This Instead)

The Shopify Dropshipping App Oberlo is shutting down on June 15th. In this video, Anton shares what to use instead.
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The Shopify Dropshipping App Oberlo is shutting down on June 15th leaving a lot of people wondering what they should use instead.

If youโ€™re not aware, Oberlo is an app that Shopify acquired back in 2017 that allowed users to link AliExpress products to their Shopify stores so the dropshipping store owner could easily import products that are dropshipped from AliExpress vendors.

This news left a lot of drop shippers worried as the app has been a staple in the drop shipping community for years.

This shutdown sounds strange to me because if you have the capital that Shopify has and you believe in the dropshipping with the AliExpress business model I think it rationally makes a sense to invest in improving your product if competitors are doing a better job… not close the app and give them all of your business….

I donโ€™t know for sure, but maybe Shopify saw that the dropshipping from AliExpress model isnโ€™t as great as they thought when they first acquired Oberloโ€ฆ.

Which is what many people who do start dropshipping from AliExpress learn the hard way as well.

So, now that weโ€™re only about 2 weeks from the app no longer being functional, letโ€™s talk about what you should use instead.

Oberlo is recommending an App called DSers which seems like it does the same thing, so you have the option.

HOWEVER, I believe this is a great time for anyone out there who has drop shipped from AliExpress in the past to transition to dropshipping high-ticket products from domestic suppliers

In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to drop ship profitably for the long term.

– You make more money per sale
– You donโ€™t need tons of customers which leads to tons of customer service
– Your customers get their products faster
– The products are of higher quality

Now thereโ€™s not an โ€œappโ€ to find these suppliers, but in this video, I give you a quick preview of how itโ€™s done.

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Iโ€™ll see you there!

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