Dropshipping Mini-Course: Introduction (Video 1/10) #shorts

Welcome to Module 1 of the Dropshipping Mini-Course [#shorts edition], presented by Drop Ship Lifestyle.

This video serves as an introduction to the Dropshipping Mini-Course.

Here’s an outline of the entire 10-Module mini-course.

Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: What is Dropshipping?
Video 3: Dropshipping Pros & Cons
Video 4: Does Dropshipping Work?
Video 5: Is Dropshipping a Proven Business Model?
Video 6: How To Sell Dropshipped Products
Video 7: How Do I Get Drop Ship Suppliers?
Video 8: How To Sell a Product You Never See Or Touch
Video 9: How I Get My Dropshipping Store Noticed?
Video 10: Dropshipping Mini-Course: Conclusion

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