Dropshipping Profit Margins (& How To Increase Them)

Anton shares dropshipping profit margins and how to increase them.
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In today’s video, Anton shares dropshipping profit margins and how to increase them.

On Monday we released an episode called β€œ$50K Dropshipping In 1 Month! What Is The Ad Budget?”

(you can watch that video here: https://youtu.be/LgBcu-8dx2w)

That episode is getting great feedback so thank you for that!

But it also had some comments from people saying β€œit’s a lot easier to do $50,000 in sales than $50,000 in take-home profit”, which is obviously true.

That’s why in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about dropshipping profit margins and how to increase them.

In this episode Anton shares a profit margin calculator that you can use for yourself here:


(Note: Click File, then Make a Copy to add an editable version to your Google Drive Account)

It’s very important to use this calculator before you start generating a lot of revenue because you need to know your numbers.

That’s why in this episode Anton breaks down your expenses, and how to find averages before you even get your first sale.

Using this calculator properly, and making decisions based on the data, will help to ensure maximum profitability for your dropshipping store.

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