How To Grow Traffic That’s Consistent And Profitable!

Use this one-page content marketing plan to grow traffic that’s consistent and profitable!
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Gaining traffic is easily among the most common problems for new dropshippers. So today, Iโ€™m going to give you a tutorial showing you how to gain sustainable, quality traffic without spending a ton of money.

00:00 Free vs. Paid Traffic
01:44 One Page Marketing Plan Intro
02:35 Content Marketing Criteria
04:12 Your Content Mission
05:31 Content Goals
06:55 Defining Your Audience
09:03 Content Story & Style
10:00 Creating Content Pillars
11:05 Choosing Your Medium(s)
12:53 Outline Your Distribution Channels
13:50 Creating Your Content Calendar
14:38 Creating Your Best Practice Checklist
15:08 Analysis & Optimization
16:08 Final Thoughts & What To Do Next

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Anton Kraly is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building online businesses, including Drop Ship Lifestyle, the โ€œBest eCommerce Courseโ€ as voted by Shopify. Heโ€™s helped over 10,000 students find freedom through entrepreneurship.

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