Shopify Domain Name Advice ๐Ÿ’ป Watch This BEFORE You Register a Domain Name

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Typically, due diligence is mentioned when appraising a business. Especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its sale price.

Today, I want to talk about it in regards to registering a domain name for your new business.

What’s covered in this video:
– How to check if a domain name is blacklisted from Google
– How to check if a domain name is blacklisted from email service providers
– How to see what pages Google has indexed for a domain name
– How to check if a domain name has a “negative’ history

My advice is to watch this video BEFORE you register a domain name for your Shopify store.

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Steps to Creating an Online Shopping Website

Every day, emails are sent out talking about how people can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in their spare time over the internet. There is no doubt that e-commerce websites are easy to set up and run and it is possible to make money through these sites. An online shopping site can stand on its own as a business or it can be a part of a traditional brick and mortar retailer. The ads may make it look like creating an online shopping website is simple to do and without much effort, the money will soon be rolling in. It may sound like it is easy to do, but the reality is that there are many steps that have to be taken to set up an e-commerce website and creating a successful website is something that is often left up to a professional in website designing. If a person is intrigued about the possibility, they should learn the basic steps to creating an online shopping website.

Perks of Outsourcing the Logistics Needs in the E-Commerce Industry

For sustained success in the online marketplace, laying the necessary emphasis on logistics and supply chain are extremely important for any e-commerce brand. It is surprising to note that most common issues faced by e-commerce brands, in India and also worldwide are related with logistics. In particular for a startup brand or a new market player in the e-commerce field, these problems are a lot more prominent. A new e-commerce player might have to face the problem of not being able to sell products internationally, or to a wider customer base in terms of area. And for the same, a brand could come to realize that they are found lacking in the best industry procedures and know how. Correspondingly, they might have to ship goods at a higher price than what is the industry norm. And occasionally, this might even affect timely delivery of goods. So it is the revenue, customer satisfaction and customer retention which bear the impact.

Three Tips To Explore Export Markets Using E-Commerce Software Solutions

The international market needs to be paid attention not because of the presence of opportunities alone. There are many threats of foreign rivals eating into ones’ domestic market share, if the competition from overseas is ignored. Moreover a focus on the overseas markets shall enable e-commerce companies to diversify their business portfolio and thus de-risk their business models. It also allows companies to test fire their service offerings using a relatively financial risk free model and thus acts as a precursor or a pilot project before expanding the business overseas using the brick and mortar model. E-commerce software solutions that support multi-lingual and multi-currency payments can enable businesses to expand into the export market.

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Tip #1 – Never Rush. Putting up your own online business nowadays has never been this easy. All you need is the right product and a computer with an Internet connection.

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Ever since Cyberspace was still in its infancy nearly three decades ago, e-commerce shopping habits have steadily grown in both sophistication and interactivity. There’s a historical reason for this phenomenon. History has well proven that people who desire milk should not sit in the middle of pastures waiting idly for cows to back up to them-but wait-there is now an app for that, too!

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